customize your exclusive
healthy life

Let us create a warm and healthy space for you.
Let every family member enjoy a good and healthy life

Why choose Taiyi customized sauna room?

  • One-stop customization service

    From measurement and design to production and installation One-stop service for you

  • Efficient use of space

    A seemingly "useless" space can also become a wellness hut

  • Customized style uniformity

    In addition to the original home design style Choose customization can be more perfectly integrated into the space

  • Same as saving more

    The same quality brand sauna Taiyi is more cost-effective

Leading every detail and
focusing on your every experience

  • Schedule a measurement

  • Design out drawings

  • Confirmation of final draft

  • Order production

  • Installation Delivery

  • Extra-long after-sales service

Professional design team, make everything just right

Taiyi has a team of designers specializing in sauna room customization. The team members have been engaged in sauna room design for more than 7 years on average and have rich experience in sauna room customization for villas and mansions,
and have unique knowledge and insight into the integration of customization into the overall space.

  • Many years

    of experience in sauna room design
  • Rich experience

    in customizing sauna rooms for villas and mansions
  • Unique

    Overall space insight

Exclusive customization,
for your needs

We always listen to your every need, everything is based on you, ergonomics as the basis of design, to create a healthy living space for you, so that you open a healthy quality of life.
The smooth lines, varied shapes, the maximum fit for the human body ...... let the art into life, the emotion into the technology, Taiyi through these "design + health" products, let your life with happiness, health and efficiency.